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In with the new, out with the old - Diabetes LMP

Lee Sheppard, Communications Officer Officer - Sunday 01 May, 2011

In with the new
The LMP has acquired new providers this month.

Duncan Hunter is an accredited practicing dietitian who runs a private practice and works at the Montrose Medical Centre in Glebe. Duncan and the team at Montrose will be:

  • Screening their 40-49 year old patients for diabetes risk
  • Booking appointments for a complete diabetes risk evaluation (using the time-based health assessment item numbers 703, 705 or 707)
  • Referring any high-risk patients into the program
  • Commencing small group programs in the coming weeks.

Caroline Trickey is an accredited practicing dietitian who will be commencing a program at the Woodstock Community Centre in Burwood in late April / early May. Caroline has eight referrals for the program so far. Caroline also practices in Marrickville and would consider running a program in that area. If you practice in the Marrickville area, and would like to refer, please call the Lifestyle Modification Project Officer for details.

In other news:

  • Giselle Brand delivered a Reset Your Life session for the Arabic program in Lakemba to a record 17 participants. Well done Giselle!
  • Georgina Moore continues to run one-on-one sessions in Concord
  • Alex Budlevskis is planning dates for a third program to be run in Rozelle
  • Felicity Capra will soon be commencing a program in Leichhardt, set to commence in May.

Please refer to our Diabetes webpage for program dates and venue details.

And out with the old by Alison Mudie
This is my last newsletter article for the Lifestyle Modification Program. I will be moving on and Vijay Ramanathan will be taking over the reins. The LMP has been an incredible learning experience and one I will not soon forget. I would like express my heartfelt thanks to the GPs, practice staff, providers and community groups who have been involved in the LMP. Despite constant challenges, we have all managed to stay on track with the program and, as a result of our tenacity, CSGPN have secured a fantastic 165 referrals over the life of the program.

For further information please contact Lee Sheppard via email

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